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Titanium Package


Our newest addition to our incredible line up of tanning beds.  Just installed in January of 2023.  This is the highest level of equipment offered from one of the best brands in the industry - KBL.  Not only does it look incredible with its LED light show and touch screen but this new model now offers LED facial and shoulder tanners!!   The benefit of these features is that you will get more consistent output throughout the entire life of the bed along with less heat and less fan noise which makes for a much more enjoyable tanning session.  This booth combines red light therapy with tanning to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, scars and age spots while also helping with psoriasis, eczema, acne, alopecia, osteoarthritis pain and more.   It still has all the same luxury features you have become accustomed to with our other KBL units such as - adjustable power output, built-in air conditioning, Aroma therapy, Water misters, Bluetooth audio, Pigment lamps, contoured acrylic, collagen lamps and more.   We hope you enjoy all of these incredible Titanium level tanning beds.


Prestige 1400

This bed has it all including aroma therapy, built in air conditioning, aqua mist to help keep you cool, shoulder and neck tanners, 4 fully adjustable face tanners, voice guidance for ease of use, incredible sound system and the absolute strongest performance available in a 10 minute session. It is an excellent compliment to our Matrix High Pressure bed. Luxury features, full control and more power help set this level apart from our Platinum level beds along with shorter session times.

Matrix L33

We are the only ones in the surrounding area to offer this incredible machine and people can't seem to get enough of it!  Utilizing thirty-three TRUE high-pressure lamps for a uniform and even tan, this bed will help you to build a much quicker result in fewer visits compared to a traditional bed.  High pressure beds use special filter glass to reduce your chance of burning and allow you to tolerate more tanning time with each visit which helps provide quicker results.  Max session time is 12 Minutes. 


Our new cocoon fitness pod is a relaxing 15 minute session that uses dual radiant heat and infrared dry heat that is fully adjustable along with full body massage to help increase circulation, detoxify your body, relax muscles and relieve stress all while helping you burn calories and lose weight.    The cocoon offers aroma therapy, Himalayan salt therapy and jade stones to help provide a more healing and calming visit.  Each session can be individually customized to your preferences.


Kbl 8000 Hybrid

The new trend in tanning is to combine red light therapy into a tanning bed so you can revitalize your skins appearance while tanning.  Red light can help build collagen to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, scars and age spots while also helping with psoriasis, eczema, acne, alopecia, osteoarthritis pain and more.  This 10 minute session includes luxury features such as aroma therapy, aqua mist, air conditioning, shoulder lamps and Bluetooth music capabilities.  We find it best to utilize each bed in this level for best results.     


Platinum Package

KBL 5600

All new Platinum Level beds installed 3-28-24. Offering you full air conditioning, aqua mist to cool and comfort you, MP3 stereo music, aroma therapy and High Pressure adjustable facial lamps in a 12-minute max session time.

These unique beds utilize contoured acrylics for comfort and to help alleviate pressure points.  Platinum is a 40% stronger bed than our gold level lay-down beds and we are the only ones in Tulsa and surrounding areas offering these incredible beds.



Gold Package

Space 2000

Our stand up booths provide all around even coverage in only 10 minutes max.

Strong fans keep you cool and comfortable throughout the session while the music keeps you entertained.

Stand up booths are great for helping to eliminate those areas that are tough to tan in lay-down beds due to pressure points created by our bodies.


Passion 40/3

The Gold level lay-down beds utilize 40 body bulbs with 3 facial tanners and 2-8 watt spaghetti lamps in the facial area that help to build quick color.

These large beds have adjustable fans that cool perfectly through the middle of the booth all in a 12 minute max tanning session.  We no longer offer the smaller, less powerful equipment and instead start with these larger, stronger and quicker tanning beds



Mystic Tan Spray Tanning

In just 3 minutes, achieve an even, full-body tan from our private, heated and drying, automated spray tanning booth. This simple and easy to use booth only has two positions for you to stand in for a quick and flawless tan.  Each time you can customize your spray with a selection of aromas, instant bronzers or an accelerator that will help your spray stick better and last longer.   Mystic tan provides you with 3 levels of color to choose from to help match your desired results. Mystic tan sprays on clear and will begin to develop in about 6 hours and continue to develop over the next 24 hours.  Results will last roughly 5-7 days.    Whatever the occasion - wedding, date, vacation or just because you deserve it - it’s always the right time to Mystic Tan. Having performed more than 50+ million tans, you can be confident that Mystic Tan will give you the look you desire for every style, mood, season or event.

  • Multiple shades of bronzers to enhance each tanner’s individual skin tone
  • Seasonal scents to personalize the in-salon tanning experience
  • Cool, breakthrough technology helps eliminate the dreaded orange glow and odor commonly associated with spray tanning
  • Gluten Free  ~  Paraben Free  ~  Cruelty Free  ~  Non-Comedogenic


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